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 Tutorial: Basic forum enhancements

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PostSubject: Tutorial: Basic forum enhancements   Thu Jun 09, 2016 6:58 pm

these are just some suggestions that require no coding and make things better on the forum:

Got to: ACP > General > Messages and emails > configuration: Select the following settings and save.

Activate the WYSIWYG mode by default in the posts : YES
(it will format your text live in your editor, you won't have to wait till you post to know what it looks like)

Type of color palette displayed on the message editor : EXTENDED
(it will give you a lot more variety of colors. not just the written down ones you currently see)

Separate announcements and stickies from the messages : WITH A TABLE
(Basically this will separate all pinned and global topics such as the following:

These are just a few quick improvements that require no skill at all. Hope it helps.
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Tutorial: Basic forum enhancements
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