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 Movies & Music Rules & Regulations

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PostSubject: Movies & Music Rules & Regulations   Fri Jun 10, 2016 7:40 pm

Rules for Movies:

- All Forum rules apply.  If you are found breaking them, you will be punished accordingly.

- You may discuss Rated R movies, but only if they do not involve gore or pornographic material.  If these are found, they will be taken down.  Do NOT discuss MA movies.

-  Keep things civil during your discussions about movies. 

-  If you're discussing a movie, don't just go "I hate" or "I like it"  Give reasons on your opinion for healthy discussion.  Just posting if you like or dislike on topics can be seen as spam and may be treated as such.

-  You may compare movies to their book counterpart if they exist.

-  If you do compare the movie to the book counterpart, make sure to state if you're talking about the movie parts or the book counterparts.  But do not go full into book discussions.  Take that over to the book section.

Rules for music: 

-  All Forum rules apply.  If you are found breaking them, you will be punished accordingly.

-  Do not discuss music that has adult material in it.  Swearing is fine, but anything about sex/gore/etc. is no good.

-  You may discuss the music you like, and if you want, a group of you and your friends can sing different parts of the song in your posts.  But once the song is done, don't start it again. 

-  If you're discussing the music, don't just say "I like or don't like the music" and then continue with a different post.  Give reasons for your opinions.  Failure to do this may be seen as spam and can be treated as such.

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Movies & Music Rules & Regulations
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