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 Farewell Section Rules {Read before you)

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PostSubject: Farewell Section Rules {Read before you)   Sat Jun 11, 2016 11:01 am

Rules of the Farewell Section

This section is for those who are currently leaving Envisions Forums. This is a place where members can say their final goodbye's to the community and for members to say their goodbyes too. Ensure you read the rules before posting here.

o    The global rules of the forum all apply http://envisionforums.crazy4us.com/t6-site-rules

o    Don't spam short replies consisting of 1-2 words, put thought into your responses 

o    Remain respectful here, there's no need to act cold towards another member who is leaving
o    Don't have conversations within this thread

o    Multiple farewells within a short space of time will be considered spam and will be dealt with accordingly
o    Don't spam the same farewell response to every farewell, this will also be considered spam, make your responses unique


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Farewell Section Rules {Read before you)
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