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 [OCG]Everything u need to know about DDD

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PostSubject: [OCG]Everything u need to know about DDD   Fri Jun 17, 2016 8:05 pm

hi everybody  Smile , in this article i will explain how to build DDD and play it , for people who dont know the deck its a combo based deck focus on special summoning boss monsters , its hard but its good and fun to play thats why we see alot of people topping with DDD in OCG , last win was in TAIWAN qualifer.
general info
Consistency 9/10 : its really consistent deck u barely brick and u can make plays with different hands and card combinations also the deck have alot of search cards such as Dark contract with the gate and where arf thou?
Power 9/10 : DDD is really powerfull deck u have acess to rank 8 like number 38 and kali yuga also the deck can use synchros too ( Trishula omega D/D/D cursed king and Crystal Wing synchro dragon) all of those monsters make the deck really powerfull since u can summon them consistently.
Speed 8/10 : the deck is fast sometimes its a bit slow thats why we run cards like pot of ctupidity to make the deck faster  , also u need to setup a graveyard for ur next turns thats why i give the deck 7/10 its not slow but u need acess to alot of cards to setup ur field and graveyard.

 I) DDD Cards / deck building

  • D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok : this card is really good  its high scale pend give u the acces to ur graveyard since u can bring back D/D monster from ur grave if u special summon a D/D , also the monster eff is very good too u can special summon a D/D if u Normal/special this card it have another eff to tribute 1 other D/D monster u control to banish 1 of ur opp monsters  . 3 is a must of this card.
  • D/D Savant copernicus : the pend eff is ok ddd monsters u pend cannot be negated , u can negate a eff that would inflict damage to you and destroy this card instead thats cool if u are struggling with low lp and u have DD spells face up in the field, the Monster eff is better u can send any dd or dark contract card from ur deck to grave if u normal or special this card so we can use this card multiple times if we normal it then pend it and use the effect again to setup our graveyard faster i would definetly run 3 of this card . note : this card is low scale ( scale 1) so it have good synergy with abyss ragnarok.
  • D/D Savant kepler: this card pend ef is not that good even tho DD monsters u pend cannot be negated the other eff is not good since u need to destroy ur monsters the main reason why we play this card is the monster eff to search a dark contract card from ur deck wich is good since u can search the gate , swamp king  or even dark contract with the witch if its needed. u should play 3 of this card of course. 

  • D/D Necro slime : This card is really good and needed u can fusion a ddd fusion including this card from ur graveyard + another monster listed in that fusion summon condition we need to play 3 of this card to keep the comboes going .

  • D/D Swirl Slime : This card is amazing u can discard it from ur hand + 1 dd monster t special summon the fusion thats not the only eff u can also remove this card from your graveyard to special summon a DD from your hand this card open alot of plays to do with abyss ragnarok u can summon it trigger it then summon another monster from grave . 3 of this card is needed .

  • D/D lamia : This is the Tuner Of the deck and it have good effect u can send a dark contract or dd monster from hand or field to ss this card but its banished when it leaves the field so we can use this card twice Very Happy since u can normal it first or special it with DD swirl slime then synchro then u use this card eff to bring it back and synchro summon again its allow us to special summon powerfull synchro summons . 3 of this card is obv needed.

  • D/D orthros : this card is so good u can pop 1 DD card or dark contract u control to destroy spell/trap yes this card is a searchable out to vanity/skill drain or any floodgates stop you from doing your comboes it also have good monster ef u can special it from ur hand when u took damage but u cant ss any monsters for rest of turn except fiend monsters . this card is a tuner lv 4 too guess we can use it to synchro TG lybrarian to draw multiples cards after summoning our synchro monsters Very Happy . U should only play 1 of this card because it u dont need it for ur premier comboes its just a ssearchable out for floods u dont want to draw multiples of this card so 1 should be enough .

  • D/D Savant Thomas : this card is good its a win-more-card the monster eff is pretty cool u can pop a pend  such as rangnarok in your pend zone special another ragnarok from ur deck but the eff is negated then rank 8 with thomas+ragnarok. the pend eff is good too u can add 1 of ur faceup DDD pends to ur hand so we can add back kepler to search another card :O or even add copernicus to send another dd to graveyard even this card is good we only run 1 because like i said before its a win more card and u dont need it in opening hand also its bad if u draw it late since u use ragnarok alot u wont have the target in ur deck all time so 1 is enough .

  • D/D/D blaze King genghis : this is the best fusion in the deck u need 2 DD monsters to summon this card if u summon a dd while this card face up in ur field u can summon a dd monster from ur grave , we can summon the big fusions destroyed before or the littlt ones to make another comboes, pretty good also it have additional eff if this card in our possesion destroyed by battle or opp card effect u can add 1 of your dark contracts spell/traps to your hand awsome effect to recycle your spells . The level of card is 6 thats help to summon big level 7-8 synchro monsters since u can use this card eff to summon lamia from graveyard or necro slime u can also use this card with thomas fusion with thomas from hand u trigger genghis bring back thomas , thomas eff pop 1 pend then make a rank 8 awsome comboes . 2 of this card is enough.
  • D/D/D oracle King D'Arc: this fusion is cool to protect urself from the negative effects of DD spells/traps u gain lp instead of losing it its level 7 so u can use it for synchros with lamia. 1 copy of this card should be good.

  • D/D/D cruel Dragon King beowulf: wolf is strong fusion when a dd monster attack u can inflict piercinf dmg pretty good since this card have 3000 atk also the others DDD fusion and the synchros have atleast 2800 the other eff is good to clear spell/trap threats in ur sp u can destroy all spells and traps cards thats good too if u need to destroy your DDD spell/traps to dodge the damage condiction in ur turn. ( 1 copy of this card )

  • D/D/D Gale King Alexander : this synchro is pretty cool when u normal/special a dd monster u can summon 1 level 4 or lower dd monster from your graveyard .its a level 7 so we can summon this with lamia + the fusion genghis . i run 1 of this card ofc.

  • d/d/d cursed king siegfried: This is the best synchro for DDD it allows to negate 1 face up spell/trap until the next sp not only the continiuous spell traps but also the normal u can use this effect to negate your own stuff too like the DDD spells so u dont get the damage or u negate vanity do ur comboes then vanity will be active again in your opp turn  Cool  also when this card is destroyed by battle or card effcet u gain lp for every dark contract card u control ( u run 1 of this card its broken but the extra space is not enough to run 2 also u can bring it back anyway with genghis ).

  • d/d/d kali yuga the twin dawn king: this is the best DDD Xyz card when u summon this card all cards will be negated also u can deatch 1 set 1 dark contract spell/trap from grave to field cool eff to keep recycling the spells and search for ur combo pieces again and finally The HEAVY STORM EFFECT if anyone miss this card kali yuga can destroy all spells and traps in the field not only in ur turn but in ur opponent turn too . u need 2 level 8 dd monsters to summon this card .
  • Dark contract with the gate : best spell in the deck u can search dd cards with this card , Broken :O . Def u must run 3 of this spell.
  •  Dark contract with the swamp king : this spell is good u can use it to fusion fiend monsters from extra deck from ur hand field or banish them from grave pretty good card with necro slime if we dont have a way to discard it to grave we can fuse with this spell instead. i run only 1 since its bad to draw this card u ca search it with kepler instead u dont need more than 1.

  • Dark Contract With The witch : this card is another out for traps/spells floodgates u can discard a dd to pop 1 card your opp control thats sounds good u can discard lamia or necro slime from hand to destroy the threats and u dont lose any cards since necro slime is more valuable in the graveyard and u can recycle lamia from your grave. u run 1 of this card like swamp its not good to draw it and its searchable with kepler.

Thats everything u need to know about DDD cards the rest of cards are not used in the deck and this is a example of deck i play 

Card choices : 

  1. Maxx C : OCG format is full of decks focusing on special summons so the card is really good i play 2 only because i prefer going first , its better to have a combo card instead of maxx when u go first also drawing multiples of maxx is really bad.
  2. Foolish burial : this card is necessary to setup your graveyard even we play 3 copernicus its not enough.
  3. Harpie feather : its obv why we play the card alot of decks play so mcuh backrows (metalphosis/Qli/ba) DDD is combo deck so u need to clear threats before doing ur comboes.
  4. One for one : the deck is full of level 1 monsters this card is needed to summon kepler , necro slime or even lamia.
  5. where arf thou? : this spell allow u to search another level 1 its pretty good i run 2 only because u dont have the lvl 1 everytime in ur field or u use all the lv 1 in turn 1 so if u topdeck this card it will be bad topdeck thats why 2 is enough.
  6. allure of darkness : i play 3 of this card to speed up the deck .
  7. pot of cupitidy : this is one of the best spells in the deck some people might say its bad card but why everyone use this card in OCG in DDD u have multiples  combo pieces card each card at 3 so when u resolve this card u won't banish all ur copies in worst case if u banish a 3 of combo card u can make alot of plays without it or bring it back with omega thats the worst scenario but it never happned in testing so this card is powerfull in DDD.
  8. Solemn strike : its good defensive traps against every deck since seomtimes your opponent can out your board i play 2 so i dont draw multiples in opening hand u usually draw into strike after u do the comboes and use pot.
  9. Santa claws : this card is to tribute a monster ur opp control its helps against blue eyes to get ride of spirit synchro its annonying for DDD since the card can negate grave eff also u can use this card for exterio naturia alot of people play cyber stein to summon this card in metalphosis . note : if u want to play this deck in OCG/TCG format swap snata claws with kaiju gameciel its better but its TCG exclusive.
  10. Ghost Ogre : one of the best hand traps this card in side because of metalphosis first u can side this vs qli or even ddd to stop the contract spells.its good card when u going second.
  11. DD crow : good hand trap vs blue eyes alot of people might ask why not play justice ally instead to banish 2 light monsters the answer is that DD crow is more versatile u can play this card vs ba and DDD too thats why i prefer it.
  12. Twin twister : its obv why we play this card xD.
  13. Swords of concealing light : good card vs alot of deck blue eyes since all mosnters are big u can use this to control the game people play last warrior fusion with stein if u dont have the out u lose .
  14. Eradicator virus : i side this card for demise decks and qli its very good when u go first .
  15. Anti-spell : with the rise of metalphoes this card is the best to counter that deck u just win if u resolve this card also it dosent hurt u since u can fusion with ur mosnters only and u set the spells anyway then resolve them next turn. 

II) Basic Comboes/Advanced Comboes, Technical Play:

  1. Basic comboes / advanced comboes

check those articles http://roadoftheking.com/dd-basic-combo , http://roadoftheking.com/dd-advance-combo 
those topics show every DDD combo except the one with thomas and ragnarok wich is i explained before in deck building part.
    2. Technical play : card order is really important in this deck wich card u should use first always think before any play for example we dont resolve pot of cupitidity before searching combo pieces with kepler or dark contract or sending them with copernicus we minus the posiible combo cards before banishing with pot to draw. 
u should also maximize the value of ur cards depend on what play u want to do , what deck u playing against and what boss monster is usefull in the gamestate.
finally practising is the best thing to understand the deck this deck is hard with so much comboes alot of practice is necessary to master . watching tournament duels can help too here is a link to the final of Taiwan open tournament ( Ycs) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPLT-tUJZL0
also u can check singapore qualifers duels here is the top 16 match showing DDD vs BA : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xg_bSQYOIHg

Conclusion : DDD is really good deck and fun to play i shared with u what i know about the deck since it will come to TCG later in structure deck . Hope u enjoy have FUN.
ps : shoutout to classic_man and sora for encouraging me to write this article .
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PostSubject: Re: [OCG]Everything u need to know about DDD   Fri Jun 17, 2016 8:13 pm

Consistency 9/10 : its really consistent deck u barely brick and u can make plays with different hands and card combinations also the deck have alot of search cards such as Dark contract with the gate and where arf thou? 

I think its like 7/10 tbh, my friends said its not that consistent unless you play draw cards.

I agree DDD is fun when you know it.
i like the review over-all. Nice work.


The EF Administration Team.

RIP, Vyro.
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PostSubject: Re: [OCG]Everything u need to know about DDD   Fri Jun 17, 2016 8:18 pm

@Sora Shiun'in wrote:
Consistency 9/10 : its really consistent deck u barely brick and u can make plays with different hands and card combinations also the deck have alot of search cards such as Dark contract with the gate and where arf thou? 

I think its like 7/10 tbh, my friends said its not that consistent unless you play draw cards.

I agree DDD is fun when you know it.
i like the review over-all. Nice work.
its really very consistent when u play the perfect ratios of cards and yea draw cards help the deck to become faster speed go along with consistency.
thanks for the reply Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: [OCG]Everything u need to know about DDD   

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[OCG]Everything u need to know about DDD
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