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 Favourite Heroes?

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PostSubject: Favourite Heroes?   Sun Jul 17, 2016 4:56 pm

I've recently started playing Overwatch, it's pretty cool the characters are all generally easy to play and not over-complicated at all. At the minute i've been playing a lot with Hanzo, and he's a quite easy to survive with and get kills with. 

For favourite heroes i had to round it up to a top 3... So in no particular order.

1) Zenyatta - I throughly enjoy playing support characters in games, out of all the supports i'd have to say Zenyatta is my favourite. He does good damage and good healing.

2) Pharah - Pharah's pretty fun to play as the only issue i've had with her is how she is a sitting duck in regards to her ult.

3) Roadhog - He has a heal, a hook, and a pig tattoo...

Who are your favourite heroes and why?


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Favourite Heroes?
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